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MicroStation Converter V8

Microstation Converter is the AutoCAD/MicroStation link designed especially for AutoCAD users.   This fast, accurate, two-way translator is easy to use and handles everyday translation needs.  Microstation Converter is a powerful tool for AutoCAD users who need compatibility with MicroStation files.


In today's world, an organization limited to a single CAD system is at a competitive disadvantage.  You need to be able to accept and deliver CAD files in multiple formats.  AutoCAD with DXF capability gives you wide access to other CAD formats.

But, many public and private organizations require access to the Intergraph MicroStation DGN format.  They often will not accept work in other than their native format. Microstation Converter is the solution for the AutoCAD user.  It provides direct two-way translation of MicroStation DGN format files. Now, you can accept and deliver your CAD project in DGN format.

Microstation Converter uses proven DWG and DGN technology to ensure true compatibility.  You control the import or export of MicroStation files directly from your desktop. And there's no DXF step.  If you need to import a MicroStation file, the Microstation Converter will bring it into AutoCAD as a DWG. If you need to output to the MicroStation format, then the Microstation Converter will export a DGN file.  It's that simple.

With the Microstation Converter you can control the processing of colours, fonts, layers, line styles, and elements to meet unique project requirements. Or use Microstation Converter's auto-configuration feature, and you won't have to worry about those parameters - all assignments will be done for you.

Peaceful coexistence between CAD systems is not a vision or a dream, it's well within reach with Microstation Converter.


Always available right on your Desktop

When you need to import or export an Intergraph MicroStation DGN file, you don't want to spend a lot a time quitting AutoCAD and then looking for your translator. You want a translator that works with you and is available when you need it.  Microstation Converter is always available right from your Desktop. Pick Microstation Converter and you're ready to go.

Supports AutoCAD R14 through 2009 and Microstation 5, 95, SE, J, V7 & V8

Microstation Converter is a native 32-bit translator for AutoCAD R14 through 2008/9. You can be sure Microstation Converter matches your processing environment to give you the best results. You can forget fighting with a single-mode translator trying to make it work in your environment. Microstation Converter is designed to work with you.

Customise to meet your needs

Microstation Converter's auto-configuration will give your files exactly the look you want and need most of the time.  However, if you have special requirements or needs, you can adjust Microstation Converter to your needs.  The Microstation Converter configuration tables let you control the look of your files.

A smart investment

Microstation Converter provides the lowest cost of purchase of any major AutoCAD/MicroStation translator system.  It is designed to lower your operating expenses throughout the lifetime of your corporate applications.  Simplified licensing options help reduce licensing investments. 

Technical Features

AutoCAD R14 through 2009

Entities supported - lines, text, arcs, circles, polylines, ellipses, blocks, hatches, xrefs, attributes, dimensions, 3D faces, leaders, 3D lines, 3D polylines, shapes, solids, splines, traces, and viewports.

Entities not supported - 3D solids,  3D surfaces, raster images, xlines, regions, arc aligned text, OLE frames, rtext, rays, mlines, bodies, and proxys.

MicroStation 5, 95, SE, J, V7, and V8

Entities supported - lines, linestrings, curves, text, arcs, circles, ellipses, cells, hatches, reference files, tags, dimensions, leaders, shapes, solids, splines, traces, shared cells, and complex strings/shapes.

Entities not supported - 3D solids,  3D surfaces, raster images, OLE frames.

Configuration options

Using Microstation Converter's configuration tables, you can control the assignment of translation parameters or accept the default settings.

  • Layers / levels
  • Colours
  • Text styles / fonts
  • Linetype / linecodes
  • Lineweight / weight
  • Weight / colour
  • Xrefs / reference files
  • Dwg / Dgn output settings
  • Cell / Blocks

Please click here for a list of the standard translation issues between AutoCAD and Microstation format files.


System requirements

  • System with Intel Pentium IV or greater processor
  • Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • 512MB RAM


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Licensing Information

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